Ritual uses of Cissus quadrangularis (Vitaceae) among the Dghweɗe of the Gwoza Hills (NE Nigeria)


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Vanvanz diwaghare is used to fight Ɗagha or Gaɗagha. Ɗagha is the name for a lineage of "peacemakers" among the Dghweɗe. In the past they played a pivotal role in local conflict resolution. They are closely related to the Gaske or Ske, which is the rainmaker lineage. The prefix ga refers to the Ske or Ɗagha as groups of people. The Gaɗagha or Ɗagha descend from common ancestors who were twin brothers. In reproductive terms the birth of twins is seen as very fortunate but also many rituals need to be carried out to protect the parents of twins from potential harm. The Gaɗagha are said to have problems in producing enough offspring because the ongoing ritual use of euphorbia renders them vulnerable to the reproductive forces.