The image to the right shows a view from DGB-15 in Nduval (Cameroon) to the northwesternmost extremity of the Mandara mountains. Please note Kirawa town, the earliest settlement of the Mandara (Wandala) sultanate, immediately to the northeast of the Gwoza Hills. It was first mentioned by Ibn Furtu (see Lange 1987:142) in 1576. Recently received radiocarbon dates (still preliminary and not yet published) place the DGB sites somewhere between 1350 and 1450AD which is about a hundred years earlier then the first historical mentioning of Kirawa: Ibn Furtu (1576) and Giovani Lorenzo Anania (1582) while Fra Mauro mentions the Mandara, but not Kirawa, around 1450. Also, Leo Africanus speaks of the Mandara as far back as 1526.

The following slides represent the main findings of the recent Gwoza Hill research. They suggest a possible ethnohistorical link between the so-called Godaliy and the DGB sites. The fact that extremely small openings in funnel pots exist among both is of great ethnoarchaeological significance. There is also a shared concern with smooth facades which is an important feature of their stone architecture.

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DGB sites of northern Cameroon