The inner ceremonial wall facing the house shrine in a distance of less than a metre. The edge of the shrine (next to the small entry visible in the large image) can still be seen in the right hand corner.

This image shows the house shrine of the same Chikide compound, reminding us of a human face. It is built of stone cemented with mud and plastered with a fine daub. It faces the inner part of the ceremonial wall shown in the previous slide. The shrine is about 2.5 metres long and 1.5 metres wide and reaches up to the ceiling of wooden sticks and cornstalks. It contains 4 niche-like shelves with pots used for ceremonial purposes. The niches have appliqué decoration around their outer rims. To the right we see a small entrance leading into the passageway. The pot covered by a calabash in the lower central niche is a funnel pot. Please also note the pedestalled bowl used for sauces in the upper right niche. The following image shows the other side of the daub shrine, facing the granary area.

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