This is the top view of the same Guduf funnel pot. Note the constricted throat which is also typical for the diagnostic type of the DGB pots. The small opening indicates that the pot is for men. Its general use is the ritual storage and consumption of sorghum beer. A pot is filled and the mouth is then sealed with a lump of sorghum mash. This is done to keep the beer fresh for ritual consumption over several days. Apart from the purpose of preservation the narrow throat is seen as having a special use when serving the beer. Godaliy say they can pour beer out of these pots in a very gentle stream which they find pleasure in.

In comparison to the DGB funnel pots, the Godaliy funnels are deeper and also the decoration is different (see image of DGB funnel pots). We can see from this image that the pot is impressed with twisted strip roulette.

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DGB sites of northern Cameroon