Paperback (custom format: 21cm x 17cm),
181 pages (a textbook with audio CD):

Spoken Chinese

Meili Fang

Mandaras Publishing
January 2007
London UK
ISBN 0-9544730-6-X

This book is designed for English-speaking learners of Mandarin Chinese who are starting with little or no knowledge of the language. It emphasises speaking, listening and communicating, but also presents the written language through Pinyin as well as simplified and traditional Chinese characters. The lessons contain dialogue, vocabulary, examples, and sentence or phrase patterns. For motivated learners, there are also additional vocabulary, exercises, songs, and grammatical explanations. The CD contains audio for dialogues, exercises, and vocabulary.

Dr Meili Fang completed her PhD in Linguistics at Ochanomizu University in Japan in 1997. She then held a Post Doctoral postition at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, where she specialised in classical Chinese orthography. Following that she was Assistant Professor of Japanese at Fu-Jen University in Taiwan, and Foreign Professor in Mandarin Chinese at Tsukuba University in Japan. She has published two books on Chinese and Japanese linguistics, and currently teaches Hokkien (Taiwanese) at SOAS, and Mandarin at Imperial College, London.

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