Resources for Understanding
Conflict in Nigeria

Studies conducted 2003-06

© Mallam Dendo Ltd.

Consultancy and Reseach

Mandaras Publishing
March 2006
London UK
ISBN 0-9544730-3-5

CD-ROM with reports and
images from three studies:

1. Improving the Knowledge Base on Small Arms in Northern and Central Nigeria (2003-04)

2. The Impact of Conflict and Insecurity on Trade, Market and Investment in Rural Nigeria (2005-06)

3. The Role of Traditional Rulers in Conflict Prevention and Mediation in Nigeria (2005-06)

CD produced and designed by Martin Walsh & Roger Blench. Field research by Umar Hassan & Selbut Longtau. Technical inputs by Roger Blench, Gerhard Muller-Kosack and Martin Walsh.

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