The image to the right shows a male twin pot on a tomb in Guduf. Please note the two small openings.


There are four lines of evidence that suggest a connection between the DGB sites and the Godaliy area:

  1. oral tradition (unfortunately not well confirmed by the Godaliy themselves)
  2. in ceramics a concern for pots with very restricted openings
  3. a concern for smooth, semi-coursed, stone facades on special kinds of structures, and
  4. iron chains common to the two areas though the dating of the archaeological example is uncertain and its association with the DGB culture unproven

Taken together these make a reasonable case for a connection though the nature of that connection and whether it was established through migration remains to be proven.

In the light of the preliminary radiocarbon dates received for the DGB sites a connection to the formation of the Wandala state must also be considered.


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DGB sites of northern Cameroon