The image to the left shows three examples of the same type of funnel pot found at DGB-2. We can see that the the DGB jars have a sub-hemispherical bowl-like mouth. The Guduf vessel, to the right, has a conical rim with a flaring everted lip.

The image to the right shows the side view of a Guduf funnel pot. The funnel pots of the Gwoza Hills are all similar in their shape, size and decoration. I have identified (and photographed) such pots among all groups of the Gwoza Hills including those on the foothills and surrounding plains (see map). There are three main sizes, large, medium and small. The one in the image is medium sized.

As we have seen earlier, they are kept inside the house shrines. They are used to offer sorghum beer for the deceased father or grandfather of a family. The next image shows the top view of the same pot.

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DGB sites of northern Cameroon