Paperback (A5 format),
165 pages (with CD-ROM):

Natural Resource Conflicts
in North-Central Nigeria

A Handbook and Case Studies

Roger Blench, Mallam Dendo Ltd, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Mandaras Publishing
August 2004
London UK
ISBN 0-9544730-2-7

West Africa in general and Nigeria in particular has experienced a considerable increase in natural resource conflict since the beginnings of the 1990s. Of particular concern are the clashes between farmers and pastoralists, especially in wetland areas. This has come about because the full potential of wetland areas has begun to be realised in terms of food production and their more effective exploitation has been the objective of several donor projects from the 1980s onwards. As wetlands are increasingly turned to staple production and horticulture, traditional grazing patterns have been overturned often without consultation or any coherent resource planning.

Published with financial support from the Department for International Development, Abuja, of the Govenment of the United Kingdom

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