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This page carries all website links which are of interest for the ethnographer of the Northern Mandaras. Any suggestion to extend this page is very welcome. Please send an E-mail with a brief explaination of why your proposed new link should be included.

History of African beer south of Lake Chad

A highly illustrated study of traditional African beers, the ingredients and brewing techniques, and the confrontation between the pantheistic ethnic groups of North Cameroon and the Islamic kingdoms of Bornu, Kanem, Wandala, Bagirmi, and the Caliphate of Sokoto.

Mega Chad Research Network

An international and multidisciplinary research network.

The Sukur Home Page

Developed to introduce Sukur to the wider world by assembling as much information on its unique society and rich, self-reliant culture as is available in archives, publications, and the data collected by Nic David and Judy Sterner.

The Mandara Margi: A Society Living on the Verge

The text and photographs portray the eastern Margi of Nigeria as James H. Vaughan knew them between 1959 and 1987. The photographs were taken during five periods and, with one exception, were all taken in the villages of Kirngu and Humbili.

Nigerian Field Society

Devoted to the study of all aspects of culture and environmental sciences in Nigeria, embracing interests in the fauna and flora, history, archaeology and geology, legends and customs, arts and crafts, sports and pastimes.

The Virtual Institute of Mambila Studies

David Zeitlyn’s ethnographic website.

Roger Blench Website

Publications, unpublished field materials, images.

Sonderforschungsbereich 268

German multidisciplinary research projects in West Africa.

Ethnologue Search

Summer Institute of Linguisitcs (SIL).

Afro-Asiatic and Caucasian Languages

A linguistic website.

Society of Africanist Archaeologists (Safa)

An organization of archaeologists, researchers from associated disciplines and others who share an interest in African archaeology and African societies.


The gateway to development information.

Africa Web Links

An annotated resource list.


Langage, langues et cultures d’Afrique noire.

HRAF Collection of Ethnography

Human Relations Area Files, at Yale University.