DGB funnel mouth pots (watercolour by Owen Murray). Please note the hole-like mouth.


Research Projects

Current and past research projects are presented in this section. Contributions for discussion are welcome.

Lt Lees photos British military campaign in the Mora hills 1914-1915
DGB research DGB session 1   DGB session 2 DGB session 3


Lt Lees time in Mora during World War I from 1914 to 1915

Lt Arthur Lees took 178 photos during the so-called Mora military campaign against the last remaining contingency of German troops in the former German Cameroons under Hauptmann von Raben. The photographic negatives were discovered by Dan Robinson who, prior to the discovery of the negatives, had prepared Lt Lees' diary for publication with Mandaras Publishing. The photos have, with the kind permission of the relatives of Lt Lees, been made public via this site for further research.

Lt Arthur Lees  

Lt Lees' photos are numbered as they were found:

Provisional captions have been applied which are updated when new information becomes available. It already appears from comments made so far that the photos will need to be reordered into categories. This is hopefully going to be one of the results of this voluntary research project.

Photo to the left shows Lt Arthur Lees during the Mora campaign

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Results of the first (2001/02) field session

Entrance area of DGB-1

Results of the second (2002) field session

Reconstruction of DGB-2 (drawing by Owen Murray)


Results of the third (2004) field session

Chikide funnel mouth pots (note the hole-like mouth, similar to the DGB-funnel pots).
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