Mandaras Publishing

Mandaras Publishing is a non-profit publisher of digital and print publications linked to the home page of We mainly publish scholarly works dealing with the Mandara Mountains of the far north of Cameroon and NE Nigeria and the immediate surroundings.

The overall aim of Mandaras Publishing is to further the historical knowledge of the northern Mandara Mountains for the greater public good. Reproduction, adaptation, or translation without permission is prohibited except as allowed under the international copyright laws.

Please contact Mandaras Publishing via for further inquiries.

All publications have ISBN numbers and are free of charge for downloading in the case of digital publications, but for print publications the costs of production and shipping need to be recovered. Mandaras Publishing has already digitally published a number of PhDs in French and English and made them freely available, and has also published other works largely related to the history of the northern Mandara Mountains. Mandaras Publishing does not take responsibility for the views held by the authors of its publications and encourages all authors who decide to publish with Mandaras Publishing to retain the copyright of their work. Mandaras Publishing has also published digital facsimile versions of important area-related print publications for which the copyright has historically ceased.